Holding On…

Anne is still holding on to life.  She is spending less time alert but she is still here.  Despite our best efforts, she has a couple of bad bed sores.  Unfortunately, these are common in bed bound patients with no mobility.  A good friend of mine whose mother is a nurse and whose father recently died after battling cancer for several years gave me some really amazing bedsore pads to use on Anne.  They seem to be helping.

Watching Anne die is one of the most difficult things I have had to endure.  Anne has always been the vibrant one.  She is always my go-to for laughter and insight.  Losing her will be hard on this family.  Lately, Anne has been speaking to her son who died almost twenty years ago.  I like to believe her son has come back to get her to lead her home.  So while we are losing Anne here, I believe Anne will be reunited with people she has loved and lost, her son Frank, her daughter, Colleen, her mother, and her brother and sister.  In some regards, this brings me peace.

So, I will continue to cherish each day with her while reminding her that we will all be okay.  I believe she needs to know that we will all be okay.

So Anne, we are all okay.  Your daughter, Farrah, will be fine.  It’s time to go home now.


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