17 Days…

17 Days.

Anne was admitted to the hospital Friday night because her defibrillator went off seven times in a two hour window. After multiple opinions, the doctors determined that Anne’s defibrillator was likely reacting to the cancer that has now spread to her stomach, intestines, bones, lung, and brain most likely. Her cancer is so advanced that they recommended discontinuing dialysis and turning off her defibrillator.

Anne has been moved to the palliative care unit until a better hospice provider can be secured for her. Jade is being strong but losing yet another member of her family to cancer is devastating. I find myself worrying about Jade’s likelihood of developing the same type of breast cancer. Watching Anne is so sad. She’s become so frail. She’s in pain much of the time. Today, the doctor told us that at best estimate, Anne has not more than 17 days remaining. 17 days = October 11th. I know this date isn’t set in stone but being given a number brings a sense of reality to it. Honestly, I’ll be shocked if she makes it to then. Every day is literally a gift and a struggle. I want Anne’s pain to end but to do so also means Jade loses a sister, Farrah loses a mom, and my sweet goddaughter loses a granny.

17 days. May these remaining days bring Anne peace and comfort for her next journey.


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