TWW: 11 Days Past Ovulation

Hello from Miami!  I am in the midst of a business trip and decided to take a few moments to update this blog.  Today is 11 days past ovulation.  This morning’s pregnancy test was negative but there have been some interesting things going on with my body that give me a bit of hope for this cycle.  This post may contain more information that you ever wanted to know about me or my body!

Yesterday evening, went I went to the restroom, I noticed a bit of pink tinged CM on CD 10.  This only lasted an hour or two so I am hopeful that this “spotting” was implantation spotting.  This morning, my BBT dipped below the cover line.  One important note is that because I had to get up at 4am, I took my temp two hours earlier than normal.  I am relatively new to charting so if any of you great folks are familiar with charting, feel free to take a look at my chart below and send some feedback. So far today, there has been no spotting but I feel a bit of pressure (not cramping) in my uterus.



Please keep sending sticky baby dust my way!  I am still hopeful that I’m not out yet!


9 thoughts on “TWW: 11 Days Past Ovulation

  1. Super hopeful! 11DPO is too early for a positive, I think!
    Also, you can ‘estimate’ your temp when you take it too early by adding .10 of a degree (F) per half hour. So, for example, if the temp was 97.35 at 4am, you could reasonably guess that it would have been about 97.75 at 6am. From what I can tell from your chart, that would still be a dip, although maybe not all the way below cover.
    Are you taking progesterone?
    I can’t wait to hear what the next few days hold!

    • Thanks for the valuable info on temping! I’m not on progesterone; my RE feels it isn’t necessary since all of my blood work has indicated normal progesterone levels. If I test positive this weekend on a hpt, I will go to the RE Monday for a beta and progesterone check. I’m super hopeful though

  2. Looks promising to me! The most common day for implantation is 9DPO, so 11DPO is definitely still reasonable. I’m currently 2DPIUI, so a long way to go…. Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!!

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