TWW: 8 Days Past Ovulation

I officially tested negative on this morning’s pregnancy test. So now we wait. I’m six days away from my official test date.

Tick, tock.

How to Pass Time During the TWW

Relaxed Saturday Mornings with Jade

I love Saturday mornings. We always sleep late – 8:30am or so. We lounge around in our PJs and enjoy each other’s conversation until we finally decide to go have breakfast at our favorite cafe. We sometimes visit the farmer’s market. Sometimes we go to the gym instead. My point is, Saturday mornings are my favorite.

Jade and I got into a conversation this morning about my online blog identity. As I’ve mentioned before, I blog anonymously because I want this space to be a safe space for me. I want an area where I can be myself. Well, since I started this blog, I’ve garnered a few followers from a secret Facebook group of which I am a member – Families Created By Love. To those people, I wanted to simply say that my anonymity isn’t directed towards you, however, the fact is, I’m not terribly active in the group. I blog under a pseudonym because I have a certain level of professionalism I like to maintain with my clients. I prefer for my clients to know little about my personal life. About six months ago, one of my clients joined FCL and because of that, I became less active in the group. So, fellow FCL bloggers, if you would like to know my true identity, please email me. I’m making this offer available to you because sometimes I feel awkward reading your blogs and knowing who you are while also knowing that you probably don’t know who I am. It makes me feel like a creeper! Jade thinks I over-analyze things. I probably do but still…

Family Dinner Sundays

Every Sunday, my mother makes a big family dinner and invites Jade and I over for dinner. Yesterday, Jade and I went over to visit with my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, and my niece. With the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to forget the value in little things like quality time with family. We have come a long way. When I came out, my parents didn’t disown me. We just didn’t discuss it. I am so grateful to be at a point in my life where my mother supports Jade and I. My father and I don’t talk about it but I don’t feel like he condemns me. Small steps.

Stressful Monday Mornings

My day started out pretty rough today. There is nothing quite like coming into an office, taking a call from a client at 9am and subsequently being berated and verbally accosted. So, what did I do to make myself feel better? I met my mother for lunch. Sushi makes me feel better.

1 hour until I’m off work!



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