TWW: 5 Days Past Ovulation

Today marks 5 days past ovulation and IUI. Nothing new to report here except that I am still testing positive for the HCG trigger shot I had a week ago.

Photo Aug 01, 8 31 15 PM

I’m not the most patient person in the world.  Jade thinks I’m nuts (yet again).  But I am a self-professed POAS addict so I am testing out my trigger.  It gives me a sense of control.  I can officially test on August 11th.  It seems so far away.  To help time pass more quickly, I will be spending my weekend with my god-daughter and Jade.  I also plan to devote a great deal of time to packing for our move.  Next week I have a brief business trip to Miami so that will help me get through the end of the week.

In Other News…

Jade and I are moving in seven weeks.  Atlanta is just over two hours from where we live now so it’s not like we are moving terribly far. But I do so hate moving.  I told Jade last night that I am completely tempted to just sell all of our stuff and buy new stuff when we get there.   That’s not likely to happen because we do have some really nice pieces of furniture.  Wishful thinking I suppose.  This move is largely motivated buy our need to be in an area where we can do a Second Parent Adoption.  It isn’t an option in our current location.  SPA aren’t allowed in our great state period.  So, we will be moving and I will be working from home.  Jade will be finding alternate employment in Atlanta.

Big things are happening in my life.  Stay tuned…


7 thoughts on “TWW: 5 Days Past Ovulation

  1. Ugh…sorry you have to move to have SPA. I have two guy friends who had a donor from CT, lived in NJ and had a surrogate In HI. They just went thru the SPA process but in their case they are not letting anyone know who the “biodad” is…. Which is great bc it does not matter! They are both spectacular dads. And hey…. If you are moving to Atlanta and don’t already do so… You need to listen to and go see Girlyman, one of my all time favorite bands :). Sending baby dust your way. From….another poas addict

  2. Really hoping you’re pregnant! Moving is a huge pain in the ass! But that SPA is a must! We just finalized all of our SPA stuff and had our court hearing last week. It was amazing and I can honesty say I breathed a high sigh of relief when it was all said and done. Oh, and shed a few tears as well 🙂
    Good luck with all your exciting happenings lady! ❤

    • Yes, moving is a pain but we are excited about the change. Moving is second nature for me since I’m a military brat and moving to a larger city will be good for Jade, whose originally from NYC. Keep sending positive vibes! We need all the positivity we can get!

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