Insemination Day!

I didn’t think we would ever actually make it to insemination day. If you’ve been following my journey, you know what a roller coaster this process has been. Regardless of the outcome of this cycle, I am so relieved to finally make it this far. If nothing else, I know that my body (with the assistance of fertility drugs) does have the ability to ovulate. That alone is an accomplishment.

Jade and I arrived at Dr. M’s office at 8:59am for our IUI appointment. Jenn, the billing coordinator, greeted me warmly as she took care of the preliminary financial details before leading me to one of the patient rooms. Kate, the IVF Nurse Practitioner, came into the room with my vial of sperm to perform the IUI. She gave me a warm, tight hug and told me that she and the rest of the office are really pulling for me. She had me confirm that the vial of sperm she was holding was, in fact, the correct vial. She gave me the vial’s stats: 102 million sperm with 67% motility. She deemed the sample exceptional quality. Jade and I were thrilled. I assumed my position with my feet in stirrups in which I’ve become all too comfortable. Kate inserted the speculum and catheter with ease. She noted that my cervix was beautiful. I commented that her compliment is certainly not one I have heard before! She pushed the vial of sperm through the catheter. The entire procedure took about five minutes and I was instructed to remain lying down for an additional ten minutes. On her way out of the room, Kate told us she is wishing twins on us! Fifteen minutes after the procedure (Jade made me stay lying down for an additional five minutes beyond Kate’s recommendation), I dressed to leave. We thanked the staff on the way out of the office and went to go have breakfast.

After the IUI, I had such a sense of relief. I truly wasn’t sure we would ever get here. I know that statistically, the odds are not in our favor. IUI’s have relatively low success rates. Despite this, I still feel good about this attempt. I’m 30 years old, I had two follicles, and our donor had a stellar sample. We are praying for a positive test in two weeks. Stay tuned.

Today, I am happy.


8 thoughts on “Insemination Day!

  1. Happy Insemination Day! I’m excited for you. My friend just announced that she and her husband are expecting their first child with their very first IUI. I will send you those lucky, sticky, positively happy baby dusting vibes!

  2. AAAARGH I AM so excited for you. I am keeping EVERYTHING crossed. The next two weeks will be torture though!! Stay away from google, and keep BUSY, l and throwing you a heap of baby dust xxx

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