Maturing is Hard To Do

Ovaries.  Most women have them.  Most ovaries function properly.  Most exist without so much as an inkling of their existence. My ovaries are generally disobedient.  They have upset me on multiple occasions.  Today marks the first time in recent history (2-3 years) that my ovaries have seemed to show some respect and appreciation for the person who has showered so much attention on them.  Well done ovaries, well done.

I went to the RE today for a final ultrasound and estrogen check to determine whether or not to cancel this cycle for real this time.  It turns out, I’m just a late bloomer.  My right ovary is still very lazy with lots of small follicles just hanging out.  My left ovary is the overachiever!  It turns out, I have not one but TWO mature follicles (17mm and 18mm).  Two?!  I can hardly believe my body is finally cooperating.  The entire RE office celebrated with me.  Franny, my nurse, said that my left ovary literally made her morning.  After leaving her office, she phoned me to let me know that my Estradiol is 448 which is in line with having two mature follicles.

Next steps:

  1. I will give myself a subcutaneous injection of 10,000 units of Pregnyl (HCG) tonight at 9:30pm to trigger ovulation.
  2. We will have the IUI Sunday morning at 9:00am.
  3. We pray that my eggs meet my donor’s sperm and decide to engage is combined bliss.

It is amazing how much of a complete 180 this cycle made in just two days.  Keep sending your positive vibes for a truly successful cycle.  And thanks again for being so completely supportive of me in this endeavor.  Sharing here and receiving your feedback has helped me tremendously.  Regardless of whether this cycle is “successful” or not, I will consider this cycle a success for the simple fact that it appears we will make it to the insemination.  Maturing eggs was hard to do.


6 thoughts on “Maturing is Hard To Do

  1. Congratulations, that’s so exciting! I just found your blog and have been catching up on your story. You and Jade seem like lovely people, and I hope you have more good news ahead!

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