Injectables, Here We Come!

I had an appointment with Dr. M today. We talked about the difficulties I have had with responding to Letrozole alone. We discussed my lab work and my numbers. Dr. M looked at me and said,

“Camille, you are not infertile. You just need to get your ovaries to release an egg. I firmly believe injectable gonadotropins will get you there.”

So, after verifying insurance coverages (or lack thereof), Jade and I have decided to give a combination cycle a try.

This month’s protocol:

100mg Clomid for CD 2-6
75iu Follistim for CD 7-10

This will be our last attempt for a while. Jade and I have decided to uproot our lives in our small town and make the move Atlanta in the next couple of months. Here’s hoping for a successful cycle!


4 thoughts on “Injectables, Here We Come!

  1. Oh, I really really really hope this is the one for you! Its always nice to get such a confident response from a doc. When do you start the cycle?

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