Returning to Reality

It has been weeks since I have read or posted on any blog. Literally weeks. I have been busy traveling for work. For the first couple of weeks this month, I was working a meeting in Barcelona with Jade. We enjoyed visiting the many sites and funding stolen moments to bask in the Mediterranean. Immediately after returning, I left on another business trip to Los Angeles. After spending a week in L.A., I finally returned to my quiet suburban life to be greeted by mountains of work. This month has been filled with so many commitments and so much work. In a way, it has been a welcome distraction from the lack of cooperation from my body.

But reality has returned.

I have an appointment with Dr. M tomorrow to discuss where we should go from here. We will determine whether IVF or IUI with injectables will be our next step.

I’ll have more to share soon I’m sure.


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