Attempt #2

Today is cycle day #1. Dr. M’s nurse, Fran, called today to confirm that we will be doing in-office monitoring this month. I was instructed to take letrozole (Femara) for days 2-6 as like last month. I have bloodwork and an ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday, Day 10.

Jade and I are looking forward but with a bit less enthusiasm than last month. Hopefully my body will cooperate this month.

On a brighter note, Jade and I have a mini vacation planned beginning tomorrow. It will be such a relief to return to my source of peace, the sea. The sand, sun, and waves tend to reduce stress and bring light back to my heart.


6 thoughts on “Attempt #2

  1. Our first attempt got thwarted by a bizarre cycle. It was different from the situation you all are in, but I really understand the less-than-exuberant return to waiting. I’m hoping that this cycle goes much more smoothly, and that its the last one you have to think about until you want baby #2.

  2. Mmmm a seaside vacation – perfect for finding that peaceful place. I grew up on a beach and always go there in my mind when I meditate, do relaxation exercises etc.

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