Starting Again

Dr. M called me Monday to discuss our next steps. It turns out I didn’t ovulate this month. My LH levels are particularly high but my progesterone levels appear to be low. She instructed me to come into her office Tuesday morning to receive a progesterone in oil injection to trigger withdrawal bleeding (a menstrual cycle) since given my PCOS, I likely won’t start on my own.

Today is cycle day 31 and 4 days past my PIO shot. Whenever I start my period, I’m supposed to call Dr. M’s office for further testing and to discuss the protocol. I will likely need to have in-office monitoring since my naturally high LH prevents home monitoring using OPKs. There’s probably a good chance that she will have to up my dosage of Letrozole since I didn’t respond to it last month. I am really hoping my period will start within the next week so that Jade and I will be able to try again in May. Unfortunately, because my career requires quite a bit of travel, if I can’t have my insemination by June 1st, this cycle will be a bust as I will be traveling to Barcelona followed by Los Angeles for much of June.

Praying for a lucky month!


2 thoughts on “Starting Again

  1. Sorry to hear about the bump in the road. I am sure this can’t be easy and it is frustrating! I’m hoping for a good cycle before June when you have to travel so much.

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