Happy Faces and Frustrations

20130415-135542.jpgThat cute little smiley face in this image has become an unwelcome sight for me.  It has been three days of daily testing and all three days, my OPK results have been positive.  As I previously posted about (see Disappointment), Dr. S. (Dr. M’s colleague) pretty much encouraged me to give up on this cycle.  This morning, I phoned Dr. M’s office and spoke with her nurse. The nurse reiterated what Dr. S. said and told me to phone them next cycle when I was ready to try again.  I was devastated.  I’m only on CD12 and yet, Dr. S as well as Dr. M’s nurse both seem to have decided to wash their hands of me and this issue.  I cried all the way to work this morning because I just don’t understand.

I told my co-worker, Mable, about my issues.  She encouraged me to call the RE’s office and leave a message for Dr. M. to phone me directly.  Dr. M called me back within a couple of hours.  I explained the situation to her and she was surprised that I have gotten a positive OPK three days in a row but since I am still quite early in my cycle, she instructed me to come into the office tomorrow morning for some blood work to figure out what is going on with me.  In reviewing my chart, she couldn’t determine a cause for my elevated LH levels as my most recent round of testing indicated seemingly normal hormone levels.  Dependent upon my blood test results, this cycle may be salvageable.

If you have a moment, please send out some positive vibes into the universe for me.


5 thoughts on “Happy Faces and Frustrations

  1. We are just doing at home insems with little to no medical intervention, but I ovulate regularly and have no known fertility issues and have gotten more than one positive OPK. We haven’t gotten pregnant yet so I guess I can’t offer huge reassurances, and my positive OPKs usually happen later, but I always get a confirmatory temp rise indicating I ovulate. I hope you get answers from your doc!!

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