Rainy Days

It’s the beginning of tornado season in my neck of the woods. Today’s weater reflects my mood: overcast, tainy, with intermittent storms. This has been a week full of highs and lows. Two nights ago, Jade and I were heading to the market to pick up some ingredients for dinner with Jade as the captain and me as the navigator (as always) in our five year old, well cared for, American made family sedan. When we stopped at the bottom of the hill leaving our subdivision, the car hesitated. My car would no longer drive with the car in drive. Reverse worked perfectly fine but it was blatantly obvious that my transmission was nearly shot.

“And in this moment, like a swift intake of breath, the rain came.”
― Truman Capote, Other Voices, Other Rooms

We took the car to our preferred vendor for repairs and were slapped with an estimate of nearly $3,000 for a new transmission. Jade and I thanked Robert the Repairman for the information and went home to discuss our options. When we got home, I had a good cry before suggesting to Jade that we simply get a new car.

For the last day and a half, we have been back and forth to the car dealership to negotiate the purchase of a family friendly SUV. This afternoon, we drove off the lot in a new, silver, crossover SUV. Unfortunately, getting this car also meant that we had to pull a significant amount of money from our baby-making fund for our down payment. Simply put, Jade and I are really hopeful that this insemination is successful next week because if not, we will not be able to try again until July or August since we have largely exhausted our baby fund.

We are so immensely grateful that we were able to get a new car but I am equally disappointed that we had to spend our reserved cash. Here’s praying that my ovaries are functioning properly and that we conceive this cycle.

Never has a cliché been more fitting:

When it rains, it pours.


3 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. Yay for the new car, I know how that feels! My car recently shot craps and I just bit the bullet and got a new one. However, I hope all goes well with this insemination! I know you are hoping for good things to continue. So, I will send silver linings to your cloudy and overcast mood!!

  2. Oh, I’m sending baby dust for this month! We’ve just found out there won’t be able to have treatment again until July, but for different reasons. It’s really frustrating having to wait, isn’t it?

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