Side Effects and Second Guessing

Letrozole. I didn’t anticipate I would have very many, if any, side effects from taking this medication. In fact, Dr. M prescribed this medication because of the many, many, many side-effects caused by a similar drug, Clomid. I started taking Letrozole last Friday. Saturday morning, after my second dose, I became an emotional wreck. Saturday was a lovely sunny day so Jade and I decided to go for a drive. While enjoying the gloriously nice 75°F weather, we disagreed about something really minor. There was no real argument. I can’t even recall what precipitated the argument. Before I even knew what came over me, I was riding in the car crying like a baby. Literally sobbing. At one point, I vaguely recall asking Jade if she was certain that this is the right time to embark on this process. I was a complete mess. Side effect of Letrozole? I think so. I should have known. If a medication has a side effect, nine times out of ten, I will experience the side effect. Listed side-effects of Letrozole when taken for fertility:

  • Hot flashes
  • Headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Moodiness

So far, I’ve definitely experienced everything except the breast tenderness which is likely to come during ovulation (if I ovulate properly). Given my ovulation difficulties, I’m going to consider these side effects as a good sign that things are progressing properly. Keeping my fingers crossed for positive results and a bit more sanity…



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