Equality and Human Rights

“The humanity of all Americans is diminished when any group is denied rights granted to others.”
― Julian Bond

The Internet and media outlets are ablaze with information regarding the Supreme Court’s review of Proposition 8 and DOMA. I live in a state that has a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. In my state, marrying the person I love isn’t even an option. This blog isn’t intended to serve as a political soapbox but on occasion of this historic day, I hope you will allow me this opportunity to speak of my experiences.

Jade and I have been together for eight years. We live our lives the same as any heterosexual married couple. We pay taxes (though without the luxury of filing jointly). We provide for one another. We are attempting to start a family together. But, in the eyes of the law, we are two adult women simply cohabiting. We have few legal protections. If I die, my assets will not automatically pass on to Jade. If I’m hospitalized, Jade can be denied the right to visit me and make medical decisions on behalf automatically. Sure, there are workarounds for many of the inconveniences (Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc.), but why should we have to jump through so many legal hoops to have something so basic? What happened to “equal protection under the law?”

It is my sincere prayer that the SCOTUS makes a broad ruling in favor of allowing gay marriage. The LGBTQ community is full of normal, hardworking people who simply want the same rights as a heterosexual couple. I want to marry the person I love and have that marriage recognized in every state in this nation. I want to share the same last name as Jade without going through undue hardships to legally change my name. I want Jade to have full legal recognition as the second parent of this child we are planning to bring into this world. In my state, second parent adoptions are not even an option.

Granting me the right to marry my partner will in no way harm your heterosexual marriage.

Stop hiding behind children as the excuse for denying human rights. Children who are raised by same-sex couples are just as protected and loved as those raised in traditional households.

Stop hiding behind religion as the excuse for denying human rights. While I am definitively a Christian, one cannot force the religious beliefs of a segment of the population on the masses. Christianity is about love first and foremost.

Stop hiding behind fear.

I want to protect my family. I want to know that once Jade and I have our child, I never have to worry about the fate of our child in the event of my incapacity. I want to know my family is protected.

We all deserve the basic human right to marry the person we love. It is time for wide-spread change. It is my sincere prayer that the SCOTUS will stand up for basic human rights. At the end of the day, please stand up for love.

Live in the Sunshine


2 thoughts on “Equality and Human Rights

  1. I saw this article last night while unable to sleep and it made me smile http://www.theonion.com/articles/supreme-court-on-gaeho-cares,31812/ I really wish it were that simple, hopefully they will realise gay marriage hurts nothing and noone.

    We’re getting the same BS excuses over here from gay marriage opponents about equal marriage but thankfully parliament has ruled in favour.

    Let’s face it, whose business is it if 2 consenting adults want to commit to spending their lives together?

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