The Consultation

I arrived at my appointment 15 minutes early and was a gigantic ball of nerves. The office was quaint and all of the staff was extremely accommodating. I didn’t receive one awkward look from the staff though a couple of patients eyed Jade and I suspiciously. I was taken to a patient room and weighed (yikes!) and measured (still 5’9.5). And then the waiting began.  We waited.  And waited.  My sweet Jade’s patience was beginning to wear thin.

After an hour of waiting in the patient room, Dr. M finally came in the room. She gave us the most genuine smile and began going over paperwork. She did a pelvic exam, an ultrasound, and ordered (a lot of) blood work. I left the office with a list of recommended sperm banks, preliminary paperwork, a prescription for prenatal vitamins, and a follow-up appointment scheduled for two weeks. Overall, it was a good appointment that left me feeling optimistic. She confirmed that my cervix and uterus both look great though my ovaries look classically poly cystic on ultrasound. In two weeks, we will review my blood work and discontinue birth control pills.

I can hardly believe this all became so real.


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