Searching for Answers

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. — William Feather

Jade and I have decided to truly explore the possibility of motherhood. It’s hard to believe that we are actually going to talk to a Reproductive Endocrinologist to explore the likelihood of me getting pregnant given my PCOS. This appointment is a mere five days away. Five days. This process is going to be my greatest adventure to date.

Unfortunately, while I have health insurance, my policy does not offer infertility coverage so everything must be paid out of pocket. We managed to put away about $1500 and by the end of next month, we’ll have $2500 saved but I still know that it won’t be enough. The purpose of this appointment is to 1) Determine the likelihood of getting me pregnant, 2) the preliminary estimated cost of the procedures per cycle, and 3) what our next steps should be.

Thinking about the possibilities just stresses me out…


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