So It’s a Girl

We found out the gender of Lucy’s baby.  Turns out she is having a girl.  I’m gonna be an aunt again to another niece.  The funny thing is, for my own selfish reasons, I am glad it’s a girl and not a boy.  You see, I really want to have a son so if I am blessed to give birth to a baby boy, at least that is one thing that Lucy won’t have over me.  And anyway, I am so used to having girls in my presence.  And, I am an absolutely fabulous baby girl shopper!  If Baby CutiePatootie (my goddaughter) is any indication, this is going to be one fashionable little girl.  Also, it’s a good thing she’s having a girl as I am certain FancyFace (my best friend and goddaughter’s mother) will be more than happy to pass on some of Baby CutiePatootie’s clothes that are a bit too little.  Thank you, Lord, for this good day.  Please continue to watch over my sister and my soon to arrive niece, BrightEyes.


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