We’re pioneers…

We’re pioneers and yes, not everyone is gonna embrace us for creating these types of families. But we have to start somewhere. And we’re hoping that as interracial couples were discouraged from having children 20 years ago, we’re hoping that 20 years from now, it will be no big deal that two men or two women are raising a family.  -Will Halm

Living in a relatively small town in the South while making this decision to start such a unique family is such a scary thing for us.  But at the end of the day, I know that motherhood is my calling in life.  While the people in my area may not understand our decision, it is our fervent hope that by the time our child is an adult, he or she will not feel so…different.  We know there are other same sex families in our area so our new mandate is to find more people like us.  We want our child/ren to be surrounded by other similar families.

Recently, I came across a group on Facebook called, Families Created by Love.  It is a “secret” group on Facebook of lesbian parents and parents to be.  It is such an encouraging place to build hope and to know that we are not the only lesbians starting a family.  In fact, there is another lesbian couple who live not too far from us who are members of the group.  I have reached out to them and hope to grow our network of lesbian and gay families in our area.


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