And Just Add Water…

Why did I pick this title?  For so many people, having a baby is like making instant oatmeal.  Just add water and heat until warm.  For me, being a lesbian woman in the bible belt, having a baby is an entirely different experience all together.

My name is Camille and my partner, Jade, and I are on a mission to start a family.  We want to share the highs and lows of parenting a child together.  I started this blog as a method for me to write down our experiences and as a place for me to share my fears.  This blog is not intended to ignite widespread social change, but to simply provide me an avenue to really talk about my experiences, fears, heartbreaks, and joys without censorship.  If you have happened upon this blog, feel free to follow and offer words of support.  If you feel the need to post something negative, please move on to another blog.  There is enough negativity in the world without hearing it in cyberspace as well.

Peace.  Love.  Light.

Camille ♥♥


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